Infrastructure Ambulance Service

Infrastructure Ambulance Service

What is Infrastructure Ambulance Service?

Infrastructure Ambulance Service is a solution created by Progress Ways that helps us understand client operation challenges, meeting compliance regulations, protecting computing infrastructure, providing a service level agreement to ensure the Infrastructure Availability, Integrity and Confidentiality.

Who is the Infrastructure Ambulance Service suitable for?

Infrastructure Ambulance Service is a solution of choice for organizations that require strict business and have earned their reputation as robust and reliable.

Why does your organization needs Infrastructure Ambulance?

  • To stay ahead of the latest threats, Infrastructure ambulance works closely with organization operation team.
  • To optimize Business Processes and to integrate business needs.
  • Optimum utilization of IT resources & environment.
  • Regular assessment & checks of environment performance & integrity.

Infrastructure Ambulance Service offers visibility into end point, network, server, storage, and application layers with correlation between the fault and performance data of these layers and reaching the optimum IT service operations through a combination of Technology, Process and People.

Most companies today rely on their IT for delivering business services to their end users. Any delay or disruption in the service delivery will affect the business very badly. IT teams strive hard to keep the “Mean Time to Repair” MTTR to the lowest so that they can achieve their “Service Level Agreement” SLAs/OLAs “Operation Level Agreement”. However, it is easier said than done because IT involves various layers such as End point, network, server, storage, and application. Without knowing where the fault is; it is impossible to fix it quickly.

To spot the problem area quickly, a fair amount of knowledge into each of the IT layers is necessary. Only in-depth monitoring of these layers can provide such infrastructure intelligence. On the other hand all these information should be able to correlate with other layers so that a root cause of the problem can be found without wasting much time and resources which help you view the performance of your IT at-a-glance. Operations always in need to create widgets and customize dashboards to satisfy the needs and to get the required information displayed. Display these dashboards on NOC/SOC screens and monitor IT operations 24×7.

World class enterprise visibility is about having a clear visibility & status of infrastructure and applications, notifying the appropriate IT staff when incidents occur, and reporting on status, history and trends to interested parties throughout IT and the business. Infrastructure Ambulance Service provides rich operation Analytics features as a foundation for monitoring all components of IT infrastructure as well as the applications and services that are running on them. These features enable IT to proactively monitor and resolve issues by business priority, implement operational best practices for monitoring, and provide consistent, high quality service in support of business goals.

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