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Infrastructure Ambulance Service

Companies’ IT departments must understand how services are actually experienced on the endpoint to meet the needs of today’s users. Organizations increasingly rely on application virtualization, VDI and cloud hosted applications in addition to locally installed applications. Users are increasingly leveraging 3rd party cloud services for key business functions – often times without the knowledge of IT. It is imperative that organizations discover and analyze the experience on the desktop and mobile devices in order to provide the right level of services in a secure and cost efficient way.

IT Operations

Leading industry analysts report that over 50% of Information Technology service disruption issues reported by end-users were not detected by the back-end monitoring tools. Improve IT services to business end-users and reduce incidents by 35%.

Help Desk

Over 70% of issues are reported by end-users. Nexthink is the best friend a help desk support person will ever have.  Nexthink’s end-user perspective will make you smarter, faster and better.  You will be able to quickly diagnose whether an issue is a network, server or end-user system or application issue.  Your end-users will be amazed how well you understand what they are experiencing. Be smarter close issues 60% faster with end-user perspective.

Client Management

Nexthink compliments traditional client management tools and can integrate with your ITAM/SAM and CMDB solutions to provide full IT services and end-user visibility.  As an example the Nexthink toolkit/API includes sample plug-in code that seamlessly integrates Nexthinks real-time visualization with Microsoft SCCM console. See your IT services and client infrastructure as never before.

IT Projects

Enterprises are evaluating new and versatile end-user computing architectures and services (e.g., virtualization, BYOD, cloud computing).  Because Nexthink has a comprehensive view of the business end-user’s IT experience, the analytics can help you assess the readiness and feasibility and calculate the ROI, TCO and TEI (total economic impact). A better way to plan, execute and validate your IT projects.


Detect non-compliance and abnormal behavior in real-time manner

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