What is naming conventions?Naming conventions for files is mainly a method of naming files that a company agreed upon use to help in coordination and management of their shared files. There is not really a known standard for naming files but there are for sure some factors to differentiate between a good file naming conventions and bad one.


Why company needs to have a naming convention

Naming files mainly used to easily distinguish similar records without the need of opening the file itself, this will facilitate the storage of your data and fast retrieval of it, it helps when it comes to navigating large structures of files which will help employees to work with files in a more effective and more efficient way. Naming records according to company agreed conventions will also make the naming process easier because your employees will not ‘re-think’ the process each time they have to name a file.


In short there are four main reasons why company needs to have a naming convention:

1. Create order.

2. Establish an organized record structure.

3. Make work more quick and easy.

4. Ensure simple search and sort processes.

In Computer Programming

In computer programming Naming convention is a different; it is a set of rules &regulations for choosing the characters and its sequence to be used for identifiers which denote variables, functions, types, and other entities in code and/or documentation


There are a lot of standard rules specified for each programming languages that is found in programming books and/or online websites.


What makes a good and effective naming convention?

1. Parsability (ability to parse the name for meaning, indicates what they contain)

2. for each information component, to Set a well known number of characters

3. Logic, consistency, and intuition.

4. Drill down approach ( should be ordered from general to specific detail of importance)

5. Name should be simple but yet meaningful (Avoid extra long names and complex structures)

6. Special characters that could be used must be approved by the naming process

7. End the name with a unique ID or version number

8. Abbreviate the content as much as you can.

9. Scannable with the human eye.


If your company does not have naming conventions rules you should think of making one.