Every time there is a software update or a new feature added on Facebook, users find it difficult in the initial stages to adapt to these changes. Just like there have been mixed reactions to the new Facebook features or the animated emoticons, every software upgrade gets mixed reactions from users. To make users and employees adaptable to software upgrades and changes, a work culture and environment is to be created to ensure flexibility and higher levels of adaptability to these changes.

Multiple benefits of change management

When the company’s work culture is driven by workforce that treats change as an asset, faster response and better productivity can be expected. The rigid norms of going through the entire phase of iterated processes and reiterating them have become obsolete and do not fetch great results compared to a development that happens in a flexible environment. The assessment of any change and its impact on the ongoing development can be done easily.

In a flexible environment where user adaptability is high, implementing change takes lesser time and is also cost effective. When companies become open to having a flexible culture, productivity speeds up and it also enhances the quality of performance. Employees will feel motivated by the very fact that they are working in an open and adaptable environment that is not bound by rigid standards and guidelines. The management can get maximum support from their employees who are able to develop faith and trust in an environment that is open to being flexible.


Management becomes an effective tool in making smooth transitions in the processes or policies of the company. They can also plan effective communication strategies and improve the quality of collaboration, coordination, and boost the employee morale. This reduces the stress generated from a closed environment and reduces the employee attrition rate and increases the rate of their retention. In such an open environment, individual progress is addressed along with the growth of the company. Transition is much smoother because everybody is involved and works in synergy.


When a task is broken down into segments, change management makes it easier to bear desired results by letting people manage and bring change to the existing work. Since, flexibility is the paradigm of a company culture, all the internal and external people involved will support any change in the processes. Vendors, suppliers, stakeholders, employees, and every other individual or group involved with the company will support any kind of changes that occur during software development.


Transparency creates a better environment and brings about better changes in the way people communicate and exchange information in a professional environment. Many a times discrepancies occur in a process because communication is either lacking or is ineffective. When you encourage transparency amongst employees, their resistance to change is reduced. Passive aggressive tendencies are addressed when you create and open, flexible, and transparent environment to address issues of the employees. You will also be able get to the root of any problems and find an effective solution.


Though not all the attempts to bring about changes bring positive results, some employees still show resistance to these changes because they might display their displeasure and show symptoms of absenteeism, anger, disagreeableness, lack of response, victim mentality, and all kinds of negative traits. The onus is on the management to recognize these traits and address to placate them. When the employee sees that their fear of change is unreasonable and they have an important role in the development of the company, they will show less resistance to change and increase their performance.

A software development follows a system development life cycle which is a series of processes that are analyzed and reiterated till the desired result is achieved. This kind of approach has been instilling saturation leading to frustration to many employees. Therefore, when you make change management a part of your companies work culture, you will see peak performances and increased productivity.